Hoff’s Commercial Division was designed for every type of commercial establishment. We service all sizes of projects from the small business property owner to corporations, hotels, colleges, government buildings, and parks restore, or install your new landscape with the enthusiasm to take on any project size or scope.

Our South Denver Metro Team combines Design experts, and Landscaping professionals who can help you put together a plan that combines your landscape aspirations into a simple, cost-effective solution that we can successfully implement for your business. Before making a decision, take advantage of our FREE Landscape Assessment, and Estimate. Call us today to speak with one of our commercial landscape specialists in Parker, Colorado.


Commercial Irrigation Systems – An irrigation system is vital to the green life in a landscape. A sprinkler system needs to be evaluated to determine if its watering in correct amounts that’s considered healthy for the types of plants a landscape has. In addition to special plant needs, soil type, and exposure also need to be taken in consideration.

Our design experts can design, and install a commercial irrigation system that’s tailored for your desired landscape that will water your turf, and plants without over-stressing them. A good system will also run more efficient, and save you money on your utility payments.

New Commercial Landscape Installations – Our landscape design experts in South Denver Metro will help you form your desired landscape with a well coordinated set of hardscapes, plants, and lighting options. Our expert installers will successfully implement your landscape design using our quality assurance guidelines that makes sure your irrigation system performs efficiently for your landscape, and is cost-effective.

Commercial Landscape Maintenance – A beautifully managed landscape will give you a great appreciation for it, and will also add a tremendous amount of value to your property.  At Hoff’s, our goal is to give you your desired landscape for many years to come and also give you a simple way to maintain it.

Hardscape Options and Installation – With the right combination of hardscapes, a landscape can form a unique and compelling look that will set it apart from other landscapes. The trick is to use just the right amount of hardscapes that work with the space you have, and offer functionality as well as aesthetic appeal.

New Lighting Installations and Design – Lighting systems vary in shapes, and styles, and offer your landscape many benefits in addition to look and feel. Many commercial landscape projects in South Denver Metro have implemented a lighting system because lighting deters perpetrators from committing a malicious act on your property during the hours of the night. The extra layer of security is a nice benefit that’s combined with the ability to enjoy your landscape after business hours.

Plant Care Management – Our plant care management program covers irrigation, and drainage, soil quality, moisture and sun exposure, shade, growth space, nutrition, pruning, and pest, and weed control.

Ice and Snow Removal – During the winter months in Colorado, a storm bringing ice, and snow can cause serious damage to your landscape, and cause driveways to be unsafe. Our experts can help, by offering our ice and snow removal service tailored to your property.

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